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Johan Renaudie.

Micropaleontology Lab of the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin

Home of the Ehrenberg collection

Actinomma golownini Petrushevskaya 1975 from the Miocene of the Southern Ocean. Photo and composite by David Lazarus.

Micropaleontology is the study of minute fossils, mostly created by single celled organisms. Our group works primarily with fossil microplankton obtained from ocean bottom sediments, and in particular with the siliceous microfossil groups radiolarians and diatoms. We study patterns of evolution, climate change, and how these forces have interacted over the last 60 million years. We also are building better tools for such research, such as large databases with distributional data for species over time, and software for data collection and analysis.

The material we study largely comes from deep sea sediment sections recovered by the international deep-sea drilling program, and we maintain a large modern Collection of such material, together with important historic materials such as the Ehrenberg Collection.

The remaining pages at this site describe our main research themes, group members, and publications. More information about the collections can be found at the Museum für Naturkunde website.


2020-12-29 Dave's long-awaited book on the Paleobiology of Polycystine Radiolaria is finally published by Wiley-Blackwell, in the book series Topics in Paleobiology!
2020-10-22 Our new article, led by Sarah Trubovitz, on a comparison between equatorial pacific and antarctic Neogene radiolarian diversity and what it says about plankton response to climate change is out in Nature Communications!
2020-03-15 Our new article on the NSB database and all the changes we made to it during the last 8 years is out!
2019-11-29 In the context of a 'Fridays for Future'-related event, our team members Gabrielle Rodrigues de Faria and Johan Renaudie will be answering public questions about our climate-related research, as guests of the Museum Salon.
2019-11-25 Our team members Gabrielle Rodrigues de Faria and Volkan Özen will be presenting their PhD projects in the context of the Fachbereich Geowissenschaften seminar of the Freie Universität Berlin.
2019-10-25 Call for abstracts! Our team member Gayane Asatryan is co-convening a session at the next EGU General Meeting (3 to 8th May 2020) on Using Earth system science to understand climate change and its impacts. Submission deadline: 2020-01-15.
2019-04-15 Our team is getting bigger! We're happy to welcome among us Gabrielle Rodrigues de Faria and Volkan Özen, both as PhD students in the context of our MOPGA-funded project.
2019-01-18 Our team member Johan Renaudie is participating as radiolarian specialist for two months to IODP Expedition 379 to the Amundsen Sea, onboard the JOIDES Resolution.
2018-12-06 We are looking for 2 PhD students to work in the context of our MOPGA project! See job listings here and here.
2018-11-08 Our Preprint on the use of MobileNet neural network for closely-related radiolarian species identifications is out!